IDEAL Special Products FZC is proud to announce the launch of its new product-IDEAL AcouFire doors. These doors-fully manufactured in UAE- have achieved containment of fire & acoustic hazard to a high rating. They have test evidence for a minimum fire rating of 60 minutes and operational acoustic rating of 38 dB. AcouFire doors come with IDEAL's in-house developed mineral core technology combined with fire and acoustic seals & in-built linings with a leaf thickness of 54 mm. Door leaves are supplied with MDF outer skin which can take any type of facing like veneer, laminate or can be painted. These doors are being introduced targeting sectors like hospitality, schools & hospitals, airport terminals, apartment blocks etc. An example of its application is for an apartment or hotel guest room entrance door where installing AcouFire door can ensure fire safety and privacy.

Along with its technical excellence, AcouFire door's most attractive feature is its economical price tag. While adding fire safety and privacy, it keeps the budget in control especially when the quantity is sizeable. To bring price further down, a standard size is always kept in stock with a fixed price and ready for immediate delivery.