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For your convenience we have made the provision of placing an enquiry online. Fill in the form with the applicable information and one of our sales representatives will get back to youshortly. For any detail that you feel is important and is not given in the below pre-defined template please contact our office.

1. In the Project details page, Click “NEXT PAGE” after filling in the applicable information (None of the fields are mandatory).
2. In the Door details page, after filling the form if you wish to enter the details for another set of doors (based on IDEAL or HALSPAN specification) click “CONTINUE”.
3. In the Delivery Requirement page, you can enter your required date of completion and attach construction drawings. Click “SUBMIT” so that your enquiry can be processed and the final copy be sent to us.

NOTE: Please make sure the information you have typed is correct before clicking the “SUBMIT” button at the end as information once submitted cannot be retrieved.

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